Friday, May 9, 2014

Life: More dilemma than game; more trial than free pass

"Sports books are typically about winning because winning is far more pleasurable and exhilarating to read about than losing. Winning is wonderful in every aspect, but the darker music of loss resonates on deeper, richer plains [...] it's the losses that stand out, because they still make their approach, with all their capacities, to wound me intact

Writing makes you think you'll get everything: the job, the girl, the deposit of the million dollar check, the promotion. And you grow accustomed to a life of answered prayers. Winning, I think, shapes the soul of bad movies and novels and lives. It's the subject of thousands of insufferably bad books, and is the sworn enemy of art [...] At some point you do lose. Loss is fiercer; it's more uncompromising as a teacher; it's cold-hearted; but clear in that life is more dilemma than game, more trial than free pass. My acquaintance with loss has sustained me during the stormy passages of my life [...]"

Pat Conroy
My Losing Season: A Memoir

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