Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fight with Him, not against Him

"God seems to honor struggle. 

His nation's name, Israel, implies He wants His people to strip down to the flesh and do battle with Him. 

He blesses even the one who fights against Him,  
as long as the fight is with Him, 
for the sake of knowing Him and being known by Him

In my fury and hatred against God, I still suspect that God will destroy me. 

In fact, He should. 

His plan, instead, is merely to cripple me,
to mark me with His awesome handiwork of brokenness, weakness, and poverty

The creator God,
who dwells in majesty and glory,
walks with the
marks of shame in His hands and side,

and invites me 
to bear the same honor.

It is in this context that I understand the message of the gospel."

Dan Allender, Bold Love, Stunned into Silence: The Liberating Insult of Grace, pg. 79

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Every thought, desire, and action

A short reflection on Psalm 139 from Susannah Spurgeon

Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off...
Psalm 139:2

"Thou knowest. Come my soul, here is a test as to your present spiritual condition! Will you apply it? Will you be weighed in this balance of the sanctuary, and see whether or not you are found wanting? Does your Lord's intimate knowledge of your every thought, and desire, and action, oppress and disconcert you, or are you willing and glad to live under such close inspection, and even to covet the glances of that eye which searches you through and through?

Nothing but 'full assurance of faith' in the precious blood shed for you on Calvary can give you this boldness. Happy are you, my soul, if you know that God 'looks through Jesu's wounds' on you, and through those wonderful ruby windows sees you so changed and beautiful that he can say, 'Thou art all fair, my love, there is no spot in thee.'


The God who can understand your thoughts 'afar off' has the power to restrain them; no, more than that; before they reach you, while they are yet distant and unexpressed, he will purify and cleanse them, so that they shall enter your heart as angel whispers, and pass your lips only as words of love and blessing."

Grateful for this Psalm. Grateful to be known and understood by the One who laid his life down for me.