Tuesday, January 17, 2012

These Dreams...

Not only is the title to this blog a reference to one of my newest favorite 80s songs, but it's also a fact for me: I dream almost every night. Usually it's in color. People I know are the main characters (sometimes book characters appear... Moses made an appearance once... and more often than not someone famous sneaks in). I remember the dreams first thing in the morning, and sometimes they are very memorable, like one I had the other night. 

Here's the scene: Jenee, my BFF since childhood, and her Mom took us on an around-the-world trip. We flew from the US to Dubai (random). I forgot to buy my return tickets. We traveled all across Europe and the ME, and then I woke up at 2AM when my bed stilts broke and ruined the latter half of my dream. I think we were in Italy or something. 

I also made a cake from scratch that same night. My first time. Homemade cakes are overrated, in my humble opinion. Turned out terrible. But it was really fun to mix together that much butter, sugar, and eggs. Crazy how Betty Crocker that made me feel :)
Oh, other side note:

That night, I decided to explore my oven's ability to clean itself: the self-cleaning oven setting! Sounds like a dream come true, but it was a big mistake. Picture this-- I'm sitting in my room, listening to a sermon, taking notes... suddenly I look up... my eyes start burning! I take a deep breath-- something smells toxic! I race into the kitchen, turn the fan on, open all the windows in my apartment (hello DC winter). Googled "self cleaning oven eyes burning." Read horrible stories of cats dying and birds dropping dead. I figured I would be okay, but decided to think through emergency evacuation plans just in case a fire breaks out. Rescue 911 and emergency ladder popped into my head. It took a good hour for the fumes to go away! BAHA.

Here's to new years resolutions: no more homemade cakes, cleaning my oven the old fashioned way, and probably some more crazy dreams!

Iron That Swims

"Beloved reader, what is thy desperate case? 

What heavy matter hast thou in hand this evening? 

Bring it hither. 

The God of the prophets lives, and lives to help his saints. 

He will not suffer thee to lack any good thing. 

Believe thou in the Lord of hosts! Approach him pleading the name of Jesus, and the iron shall swim; thou too shalt see the finger of God working marvels for his people. According to thy faith be it unto thee, and yet again the iron shall swim."

Spurgeon's evening selection for January 13. One of my all-time favorites. 

(Context 2 Kings 6, where Elisha shows the power of God in an every day situation.)